Monday, 28 October 2013

Catch-up Time

I hadn't realised so long has passed since last blogging, but that don't mean yours truly hasn't been fully occupied. For a start this thing appeared in the kitchen window on the 9th October. I thought it was an assassin bug, but down at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory that evening, on Ian's money gathering table was a print of a photo of one, and labelled as a Western Conifer Seed Bug, an import from the New World in timber apparently. A relatively large insect, (about an inch and a half long overall) completely harmless unless you are a Western Conifer!

Monday 14th, and reports from round about of arrivals of winter migrants.While brewing the early morning tea, I noticed this Brambling poking about in the yard outside. It was very flighty and when I reached to open the window for a better shot, it promptly and rapidly disappeared with a brief flash of small white rump

Later that morning, walking home from Deal (still "grounded" after that shoulder op), there was another poking about in the Kingsdown Road cycle track under the golf course, accompanied by a Lapland Bunting. Unfortunately I wasn't accompanied by my camera
Ther has been much activity on my model railway, including the construction of this lovely little South Eastern Railway wooden wayside station building - it's now in the process of being "weathered" and blended in, as well as interior lighting installation so the porter can see to brew his tea

We managed at last to get all 5 grandchildren together at last, too, including little baby Gill, a sister to Nève

This arrival has led to us entertaining young Nève while Mum and baby rest, and a favourite pastime is to set up a shop - well Nève settles in and Grandad fetches and carries the stuff with which the shop is stocked (her description not mine) And if you want to purchase anything at all, each item is £40 !!

Another enormous pleasure was to entertain the next newest member of the family (after Gil) when she visited with Mike and Shelley last weekend. Little Tabitha is very fond of her food as you may see

Sunday morning after the overnight winds I thought it a good idea to seawatch at the bay for an hour or so, but contrary to my years of birding experience telling me there would be goodies to see, there wasn't, just this atmospheric sky

Next day (today) after a disturbed night, fortunately without any damage, I wandered down there again to enjoy the spectacularly rough sea, goodness me there were some huge lumps of water out there

Look carefully just below the centre of this next photo

the things people will do for their photos! In fact this didn't appear to be as dangerous as first sight may have suggested, but I don't think I'd have stood there!

and a final pretty pic as I made my way home for a coffee and some chores