Thursday, 2 July 2015

Richebourg St Vaast - The Boar's Head, and a mystery moth

The commemoration ceremony for those who fought at the Battle of the Boar's Head was held last weekend. If you're not familiar with the story, my blog of  19 July 2011 tells it
Richard, Néve and I attended this year. Young Néve had been looking forward to her day in France and I'm glad to say she enjoyed it, as we all did. Drove first to Hazebrouk for lunch in La Taverne, in the square, then a quick poke round the Ville for chocolates and bread to bring home

Then it was round to the cemetery at Richebourg for the commemoration, very well attended this year

The march back into the village took a break en route to dedicate a new access road to a new school complex (very modern and swish-looking). It's named Allée de Worthing to respect links between the two  communities, recently renewed by the commemorations. This originally goes back to 1920 when English towns were invited to adopt and support devastated French communities, Worthing having adopted Richebourg L'Avoué. This meant we were unable to enjoy the hospitality at the Mairie as we needed to be back to Calais and home at a reasonable hour for Néve's sake 

Next year it's the 100th anniversary of the battle, the commemoration will be on "the day", that is Thursday 30th June. There is talk of a gathering at the site of the front line at 03.00 on the morning, which I plan to attend - watch this blog

Now, here's this week's puzzle. This thing was in the trap this morning, and I have no idea of it's identity. I am unable to find anything to match it in my Waring and Townsend, so help is needed, please
Thanks to Tony Morris, it's a Lesser Yellow Underwing - memo to self, check out the wings and don't be confused by the markings on the abdomen, a bit more striking than I've seen before

And finally, the second Breeding Bird Survey at Sutton on Tuesday morning started with this smashing misty sunrise

and the day finished with this evening sky over Wanstone