Wednesday, 5 August 2015

You never know...

I don't think I've posted a blog so soon after the event as this one, but it was a bit special, as you will see. But first an example of our topsy turvy weather. Last week I went on separate days to the beach at Walmer in search of the elusive Mackerel with first Philip and then Matthew. No fish, and absolutely no comparison between the weather on either day

I made us a cuppa about 4 o'clock this afternoon, and as we sat enjoying it on the lawn, a juvenile Wood Warbler appeared at the bird bath for a quick bathe about 4 metres from us, before catching a few insects and moving on out of the garden away along the hedge back of St Vincent Road, Wow, that's a super garden sighting, and what a little beauty it was, but no chance to dash in for the camera
About half past seven, I went into the kitchen to carry our dinner through to the conservatory and movement outside caught my eye - a juvenile Cuckoo sat itself on the holly bush not 6 metres away
It soon flew off up the garden leaving us somewhat bemusedly to start eating our dinner, only for it to return and sit first on the lawn to do some anting, and then in this bush to enable a few photographs of a very unusual sighting. As they say, you never know...but, boy, did it upset "our" Swallows 
And good luck to the Cuckoo on it's epic journey