Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Catch up

Since the last blog from here, there hasn't seemed to be much time to sit here and twiddle. In addition, there has been a new broadband package to instal.  At least I now have something like 8 to 10 meg download speed instead of 0.7 on a good day downhill with the wind behind me. The pics on here uploaded so quick I thought it wasn't working - doh! Also, a new laptop to try and get going (partly successful), and a bloody Trojan to get rid of. In doing so the wireless thingy went u/s, hence the new laptop.
Our annual trip to Richebourg St Vaast was done this year as a day trip, lunch in La Taverne in  Hazebrouk, then to Laventie to find the grave of CSM Nelson Victor Carter VC, who was awarded the VC posthumously for his actions in the Battle of the Boar's Head. This included bringing in wounded men from no-man's land - perhaps Grandad was working with him. Then to the ceremony where there were more people "dans l'assistance" than ever, and increasingly heavy rain
Try asking Google or Yahoo to find "The Battle of the Boar's Head", there's some interesting new stuff been posted 
John Baines' cap again given place of honour on the memorial once again this year by his widow, Julie. You can see the "crowds" in the background

Last Fridays storms here preceded by spectacular winds and cloud effects, this picture taken by Richard with his 'phone. I missed the lightning, laid up with a migraine - you could say with flashing lights all my own

Moth trapping has attracted some insects worth mentioning
Elephant Hawkmoth 
Marbled Green, beautiful, about the size of your little fingernail 
Oak Eggar, there's been 5 of these so far

Poplar Hawkmoth, looks as though it ought not to be able to fly, doesn't it. Oh!, and a Bee Moth

Something of a rarity for here, a Swallowtail Moth

it's a bit tatty 
This is the latest piece of resistance, as they say. Not only a new one for this garden, but a nationally scarce A possible immigrant
Its a Four Spotted Footman, a male 

Now we're organised and speedy enough for blogging not to be a complete bore, all we need is plenty to blog about