Monday, 30 March 2015


On Saturday Mathew and I set of from Martin Mill in the whoosh

On arrival, we walked from St Pancras over to King's Cross, the suburban side. My how it's all changed since my train spotting days in the late 50's and early 60's - and then traipsing round various exotic places while doing my training from '63 to '67

The trains too, are very different, Matt was pleased to see that "skip" in the background 

and so to the Ally Pally - I was last here in about 1964 or 65 for the Building Exhibition

Even the view from this smashing viewpoint has changed - oh dear, maybe I'm showing my age

We enjoyed a Bratwurst from this old Citroen dressed up to sell German Sausages, though the lady wasn't amused when I ordered ours in German (pretentious twit)

About 99% of the visitors were of a "certain age", as you may see

The Palace itself was beautifully maintained and worth the trip in it's own right

At the left-hand end of this view the London Eye was just visible

I decided not to bore you with model railway pictures, and instead to share a very pleasant visit this morning to Covert Wood near Barham, where there were 2 singing (if that's the right description) Chiffchaffs. I love seeing Primroses in late winter woodland, where they belong

It was a pleasant surprise to find these early Wood Anemones, one of my favourite wild flowers

And I can't resist showing the beautiful light in among the trees again


Oh, all right then, here's a train set (sorry, model railway), don't get too excited! 

Friday, 27 March 2015

That's a good start

Yes, yes, I know pictures of moths out of the trap are boring etc etc, but...
The trap was cleaned and tidied up yesterday, with a nice new funnel in the top (no not that kind of funnel, it's not a ship!)
Lo and behold this morning some moths, including this rather lovely Oak Beauty, not uncommon even though there is little by the way of mature woodland hereabouts, maybe that horrible wind we been having has brought it here, but isn't it a lovely start to the year

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A sunny day in the garden

Today started with a touch of frost, but quickly warmed as the sun rose higher, encouraging the 6 or 7 common frogs in the pond to start croaking and competing for the females

I presume this one was warming up in the sun

As we sat on the patio enjoying our mid-morning coffee, we thought a small butterfly dashing about was another Small Tortoiseshell, but when it settled, it turned into a pristine and bright Comma, smashing

A little later a superb bright yellow Brimstone came dashing along, settling briefly on these Crocuses. There is no way  I could have taken a photo, 'cos I'm old and slow, but I challenge anyone to get a shot of this fast flying beauty. Oh well, here's the Crocuses so you can see why it was attracted, albeit briefly

A little later a Peregrine dashed over, reminding me of the displaying pair I enjoyed watching along the cliffs on Sunday morning. And yes, it was also too fast for my camera skills, but I did clock this Buzzard heading determinedly inland - had it just crossed the channel? Probably not

If it had, it could have admired these linear clouds, it looked like the sky had been ploughed

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sussex Lunch

A lovely early spring day, and a fine forecast, what better than a trip over to East Sussex. First we met my Aunt and we all went to Brownbread Street, where this modest and understated pub can be found
Don't look much at first sight, does it?

But before going in, enjoy the fine view from the carpark

Inside it's an unexpected gem

and the specials board is always worth a read

then there's the main menu board as well

Of course, an open wood fire for when it's cold

A lovely homely atmosphere

and completely unspoilt - just as it's been for years

and the grub, well! Liver and Bacon anyone?

or Steak and Ale Pie?

how about Moules Frites? (and a small Harvey's, as I was driving)

the wall light amused my weird sense of humour

and then back to Catsfield to the farm shop, where Téte à Téte daffodils were on sale, pity the French can't spell them correctly
mind you, they do seem to be a little behind the times today the 7th March

never mind, there was a female Pied Wagtail running round the yard

then Mr turned up and started strutting his stuff

then this fella came and queued up at the animal feed store

we think he's waiting for afternoon tea to be served

and then to Crowhurst churchyard to see the family graves, and enjoy the Celandines

and the Wallflowers quite properly growing in the wall

there's a nice new seat courtesy of the Tree Surgeons who've just cut down some old trees in the corner of the graveyard

There was a chance to admire the superb new Kitchen extension looking smashing in the sun

and these spring Primroses

and Snowdrops too - isn't it a good year for them?

and finally, when we got home and I took the dog for a short walk as a reward for being bored in the car all day, this superb sunset to enjoy

'evenin' all