Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Shadow of the Black Kite - part 2

A selection of my photos from the trip, starting with this Red Rumped Swallow on a radio aerial
No apology for Bee Eater pictures, fabulous birds
and a Cattle Egret which don't know the difference between a cattle and a horse!
on the subject of Horses, there were several large groups out in the rough fields
We were very taken with the colours in a seemingly plain black Glossy Ibis, lovely birds
and enjoyed the way this Purple Heron could twist it's neck, wish I could
While we were stooging through this pine wood, a shadow passed over us, a Black Kite close overhead and gone before we could get a photo - quipped Phil " the shadow of the black kite - sounds like a mystery drama" and hence the title of this blog
The Palacio del Acebuche,  a bit of a folly built in the 60's, abandoned a few years later and recently restored as a visitor centre about life in the Donana
and home to hundreds of House Martins
While out with Peter Warham he found us this Penduline Tit nest, I believe Phil may have some photos of the occupant
More Bee Eaters I'm afraid - well, no I'm not, they're just too good to ignore
A pensive Black Winged Stilt
and some evening woodland where we went to see what we could find as night fell
 unfortunately we found millions of avaricious mosquios, so came away a bit smartly, to find a roost in the gloaming of about 40 Black Kites
as we drove away this Hoopoe was dust bathing in  a pothole in the road in the near darkness
a typical wet area, home to lots of  Dragonflies as well as birds
more Glossy Ibis pics, can't resist these either
and out at the Jose Valverde visitor centre, the colony of Herons allowed these pics
including this punk Cattle Egret
It was out here that we found what we thought was an Imperial Eagle, 'cos it was HUGE, but in the event it was a Short-Toed Eagle, which, in spite of it's short toes, was still enormous
we wondered where this migrating Whinchat might end up to breed
and that's all, except to refer you to Phil's blog when he uploads some of his excellent pics from the trip, we now look forward to a trip to the Brandenberg area of Germany in a couple of weeks

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Shadow of the Black Kite - part 1

This blog is supposed to be about a trip me and Phil Smith made to the Coto Donana last week. However the pics won't load this evening, altho suprisingly this panorama of the lagoon at El Rocio did. I've now lost the will to live waiting for the upload and will try again tomorrow, when I shall  explain the title - in the meantime enjoy the view, and imagine the 33 degree temperature 

 OK, folks, it's Monday afternoon, and the upload is working, so here goes :-
This is our second trip to the Donana, the first is recounted on my old website
Our base this time was the small town of Villamanrique de la Contessa, where we stayed at the Alojamientos Tartessos, a small and very pleasant hotel recommended by Peter Warham of Donana Birdtours. It proved difficult for us to find and after 4 goes round the village we parked and headed for the bar in the square

 Here, and whilst asking directions, we discovered few if any of the locals speak much English, but whilst we enjoyed a small beer, our hostess kindly phoned the hotel and the owner soon appeared to guide us there, after another beer! Villamanrique is a very pleasant little town and is to be recommended
 The church is an important staging post for the annual pilgrimage of devoted worshipers en route to El Rocio, mostly on horseback and in horse and ox driven carriages apparently  
Sat at another bar later in the evening  (I said it is a pleasant town!) there were Swifts and House Martins careering round the tower in fine style  
Earlier, en route to Villamanrique after arriving from Faro airport we took in the sights at El Rocio, famous for the beautiful Church beside the lagoon, the subject of the panorama at the start of this blog
The lagoon, this year very full following more than usual rain and cold (we know that feeling) is also famous as a very very good place to see lots of super birds such as Red Crested Pochard, Whiskered Tern, Spoonbill, White Stork, Collared Pratincoles flying over, Pied Flycatcher, Black Winged Stilt, Hoopoe and Red Rumped Swallow 
The place is also famous for the bare sandy streets, complete lack of traffic management, and it's horse-friendliness. I expected John Wayne to come swaggering down the street, six-guns at the ready
Instead, there was Phil with his camera, about to be run over
Notice the sign and the hitching rails outside this hotel, I said it is horse-friendly
From the promenade by the lagoon, this White Stork was easy to photograph
so were these House Martins gathering mud for nest-building - there were hundreds of them
Out back of the hotel, on the evening walk route there was this fine cockerell to admire
and a real Ass!
Day 2 saw us out in the Corredor Verde once again, a super nature reserve, typical of this view
Woodchat Shrikes were everywhere we went, beautiful birds we almost began to take for granted
and this small bird flitting into a bush turned out to be a HUGE Grasshopper, it was about 4" long
Cattle Egrets were plentiful too, more so than Little Egrets
and finally for part 1, this Short Toed Eagle sat on a pylon had us bemused as another appeared from some distance away and after stooging around a bit displayed to it, and us. Phil has some pics of this, I hope, but my weedy bridge camera just wasn't up to the task. Trying to get it to focus on a bird, even as big as an Eagle, in the sky is like trying to plait sawdust 
the blog title?? You'll have to wait for part 2 which includes more birds

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Super Sunday

 Around the cliffs on Tuesday morning it was unusually bright and windless. Once again Corn Bunting and Yellowhammer in the same bush, same as last year, probably a rare sight elsewhere in the UK

The bright light enabled a decent close-up of the Corn Bunting which was busy jangling away
This Yellowhammer was "singing" beautifully too
Down in Langdon Hole there was still one Black redstart stooging around, presumably one of the several Phil saw on Sunday. Also seen but not photographed were 14 Great Tit together in bushes at the top of the "hole", and a flight of a dozen or so Brambling going East and making a change from the steady stream of Chaffinches also going East
Today another lovely lovely morning, and yet more Yellowhammers

And then, huge suprise and delight, this Red Kite appeared over the crest of the cliffs just East of Fan Bay, circled around and to and fro for several minutes before leaving high over the radar masts to the North-West. Birders busy photographing Peregrines to the West of us apparently failed completely to see it, in spite of us whistling and pointing - tee hee

Fabulous bird, and no wing tags - we believe it had flown in off the sea, for superbly better pictures look at Phil's blog -