Sunday, 7 April 2013

Super Sunday

 Around the cliffs on Tuesday morning it was unusually bright and windless. Once again Corn Bunting and Yellowhammer in the same bush, same as last year, probably a rare sight elsewhere in the UK

The bright light enabled a decent close-up of the Corn Bunting which was busy jangling away
This Yellowhammer was "singing" beautifully too
Down in Langdon Hole there was still one Black redstart stooging around, presumably one of the several Phil saw on Sunday. Also seen but not photographed were 14 Great Tit together in bushes at the top of the "hole", and a flight of a dozen or so Brambling going East and making a change from the steady stream of Chaffinches also going East
Today another lovely lovely morning, and yet more Yellowhammers

And then, huge suprise and delight, this Red Kite appeared over the crest of the cliffs just East of Fan Bay, circled around and to and fro for several minutes before leaving high over the radar masts to the North-West. Birders busy photographing Peregrines to the West of us apparently failed completely to see it, in spite of us whistling and pointing - tee hee

Fabulous bird, and no wing tags - we believe it had flown in off the sea, for superbly better pictures look at Phil's blog -

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