Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's finished!!

NO, I'm not going to throw my camera away after all, but instead of trying to compete with the standard of photos taken by the likes of Phil and the several Steves, I'll stick to making rocking horses and suchlike. Nice to see the latest attempt finished, thanks to the poor weather it's not been delayed by gardening, birding etc

Yesterday the final details - mane, tail and tack were added - just in time, too, as the gas cyliner in the heater in the shed ran out this morning!! Hope Neve likes it

Latest addition to my railway stock is this model of an electric train, superbly finished although the older (like 55 years older) one I been running still don't look too bad beside it  -it's the one on the nearer track.

Just been preparing details of trips Phil and me making to Coto Donana next month, and to the Brandenberg area of Germany in May, the latter with KLM from Manston to Amsterdam and then to Berlin, all for £142 return, brilliant. Watch out for the blogs when we return, don't expect much by way of pictures from me, though!!

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