Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Astonishing Porpoises

I called in at Samphire Ho this morning to see Phil, find out what birds might have arrived overnight, and have a bit of a walk round. This was the view from the carpark, a nice quiet seascape, you'd have found more waves on a cup of tea 
There were numerous Great Crested Grebes, a Red Throated Diver or two, a skein of 9 Brent Geese heading East - and then, a dark shape appeared and disappeared in an absolutely unmistakeable way. I did a double take and discoverd that almost anywhere I looked, from about a half-mile out and beyond, Porpoises were rolling up to breathe and down again.
For a couple of proper and excellent pics, have a look at Phil's blog - http://mrphil-kearsneybirder.blogspot.co.uk/ - I'm going to chuck my camera away!!
Not much of a photo I know, but the significant thing about these pics is that there were so many showing, it was possible to zoom in and focus on a patch of sea and sooner or later one would show in the eyepiece. I haven't seen this many Porpoises showing since I used to be taken sea fishing to Dungeness beach as a lad back in the early '60's, a wonderful sight

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