Saturday, 20 June 2015

Oh no not another Moth

The increase in Moths continues, I bet I'm not half as glad as the Pippistrelles which have  been zooming around the garden this last few evenings. Nancy thinks I'm completely daft, as I rush out with a Bat Detector just to listen to them echo-sounding. (Just 'cos I like to, it's a man thing, and a gadget too!)
Any road up, this was in the trap this morning, by my reading of Waring and Townsend it's a Feathered Beauty, and another immigrant. Perhaps either Phil, Tony or Ian you could correct me or confirm it please - I've never been good at the Ennominae. If I'm right it's another first for this garden
I'm not right, thanks again to Tony, it's a Mottled Beauty, the kink in that dark and pale line towards the outer edge of the fore-wing is markedly kinked - see? (I didn't) And... the hind wing is less well marked. We live and learn

Friday, 19 June 2015

Moths at last

What with the dry and cold weather, and the wind as well, I reckon "things" are still 2 or 3 weeks behind. At least it's not as bad as 2013, when "our" Swallows failed to breed at all. Presently there are 3 well feathered young peering over the edge of the nest at the world outside, and some interesting moths this morning
F'rinstance, there was the first Pale Tussock of the year 

and now I've captured a Small Elephant Hawkmoth, at last

it was snuggled into an egg-box right alongside this regular Elephant Hawkmoth, rather more presentable than the one the other day, and I've managed to get the size difference about right in these photos

One of 4 Common Marbled Carpet trapped recently, all of which varied in appearance, true to form

This rose had grown away very well in spite of the weather, having been planted about a month ago. It's called "You are my sunshine" and this bloom is a real beauty; not much scent tho'

Garden safari next weekend, we been busy getting the garden as presentable as we can, fingers crossed for the weather then

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Proud Grandad

Many congratulations to Emily for successfully doing the abseil, what a brave girl. And congratulations to all the others who did the jump today for the Blind Veterans UK charity
Em has so far raised nearly £300 pounds and we are all very proud of her

The wait for Emily's "go" was enlivened (if that's the right word) by a naked bike ride along Brighton sea front. I'll spare you the pictures, but the sight made me wince a bit!
Nor do I have a picture of the BLACK KITE which drifted over the Eastry by-pass yesterday about 10 past 10, what a surprise!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hi, I'm still alive!!!

Hello everybody, there's not been much to blog about for ages, what with the bloody (sorry), ever so awful spring weather, and family commitments. This resulted in me not being able to go on a Birding break to Bulgaria, unfortunately. My thanks to all those very understanding and sympathetic organisers.
Just how our wildlife has managed I have no idea, but a clue lies in my moth trapping - 36 species as of today compared with 68, yes 68, last year and even worse 27 in 2013, which was a disaster - if you recall "our" Swallows didn't breed at all in that year. I'm glad to report there are now young in the nest, already big enough to be visible over the edge as we pass by, but blimey, they must have struggled to find food. By my reckoning they didn't lay eggs until the beginning of May. However, there is always something to catch the eye, like my superb blousy poppy, what a tart!

Good old mother nature does enjoy a joke at my expense, dreadful though I think this Spring has been, there was a new species for this garden in the moth trap this morning, and what a beauty,  super Netted Pug - so beautiful, and sooo small, about the size of your little fingernail

A few days ago there was an immigrant in the garden. No, it hadn't fallen off the back of a lorry, but been blown in by these horrible winds which irritate me so very much, and everyone else besides. When I made this photo it woke up and flew onto the window
allowing this unusual portrait of a Bordered Straw (who named these moths? Completely eccentric Victorian vicars most of the time)
there has also been an early Elephant Hawkmoth, not as early as reported from Saltwood and elsewhere, but don't it look scruffy, another testament to the winds that been blowing I guess
On 6 June (last Saturday) our neighbours organised a garden tea party in support of the local church, which we were pleased to support. Unknown to us, Dave had also arranged a special flypast and aerobatic display by 3, yes 3 Spitfires. I suppose that they were really to do with the anniversary of D_Day, nevertheless we were treated to a super display, without the noise of accompanying helicopters or light airplanes - fabulous 

We off to Brighton tomorrow, grand-daughter Emily abseiling down the Grand Hotel in aid of the blind ex-servicesmen's charity, we shall be there to support her. Then in  2 weeks it's the Garden Safari (another reason I been so quiet, you should see the "to-do list for that"!) and also the Battle of the Boar's Head commemoration to attend. However did I find time for work!