Friday, 19 June 2015

Moths at last

What with the dry and cold weather, and the wind as well, I reckon "things" are still 2 or 3 weeks behind. At least it's not as bad as 2013, when "our" Swallows failed to breed at all. Presently there are 3 well feathered young peering over the edge of the nest at the world outside, and some interesting moths this morning
F'rinstance, there was the first Pale Tussock of the year 

and now I've captured a Small Elephant Hawkmoth, at last

it was snuggled into an egg-box right alongside this regular Elephant Hawkmoth, rather more presentable than the one the other day, and I've managed to get the size difference about right in these photos

One of 4 Common Marbled Carpet trapped recently, all of which varied in appearance, true to form

This rose had grown away very well in spite of the weather, having been planted about a month ago. It's called "You are my sunshine" and this bloom is a real beauty; not much scent tho'

Garden safari next weekend, we been busy getting the garden as presentable as we can, fingers crossed for the weather then

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