Saturday, 20 June 2015

Oh no not another Moth

The increase in Moths continues, I bet I'm not half as glad as the Pippistrelles which have  been zooming around the garden this last few evenings. Nancy thinks I'm completely daft, as I rush out with a Bat Detector just to listen to them echo-sounding. (Just 'cos I like to, it's a man thing, and a gadget too!)
Any road up, this was in the trap this morning, by my reading of Waring and Townsend it's a Feathered Beauty, and another immigrant. Perhaps either Phil, Tony or Ian you could correct me or confirm it please - I've never been good at the Ennominae. If I'm right it's another first for this garden
I'm not right, thanks again to Tony, it's a Mottled Beauty, the kink in that dark and pale line towards the outer edge of the fore-wing is markedly kinked - see? (I didn't) And... the hind wing is less well marked. We live and learn

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