Monday, 30 March 2015


On Saturday Mathew and I set of from Martin Mill in the whoosh

On arrival, we walked from St Pancras over to King's Cross, the suburban side. My how it's all changed since my train spotting days in the late 50's and early 60's - and then traipsing round various exotic places while doing my training from '63 to '67

The trains too, are very different, Matt was pleased to see that "skip" in the background 

and so to the Ally Pally - I was last here in about 1964 or 65 for the Building Exhibition

Even the view from this smashing viewpoint has changed - oh dear, maybe I'm showing my age

We enjoyed a Bratwurst from this old Citroen dressed up to sell German Sausages, though the lady wasn't amused when I ordered ours in German (pretentious twit)

About 99% of the visitors were of a "certain age", as you may see

The Palace itself was beautifully maintained and worth the trip in it's own right

At the left-hand end of this view the London Eye was just visible

I decided not to bore you with model railway pictures, and instead to share a very pleasant visit this morning to Covert Wood near Barham, where there were 2 singing (if that's the right description) Chiffchaffs. I love seeing Primroses in late winter woodland, where they belong

It was a pleasant surprise to find these early Wood Anemones, one of my favourite wild flowers

And I can't resist showing the beautiful light in among the trees again


Oh, all right then, here's a train set (sorry, model railway), don't get too excited! 

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