Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A sunny day in the garden

Today started with a touch of frost, but quickly warmed as the sun rose higher, encouraging the 6 or 7 common frogs in the pond to start croaking and competing for the females

I presume this one was warming up in the sun

As we sat on the patio enjoying our mid-morning coffee, we thought a small butterfly dashing about was another Small Tortoiseshell, but when it settled, it turned into a pristine and bright Comma, smashing

A little later a superb bright yellow Brimstone came dashing along, settling briefly on these Crocuses. There is no way  I could have taken a photo, 'cos I'm old and slow, but I challenge anyone to get a shot of this fast flying beauty. Oh well, here's the Crocuses so you can see why it was attracted, albeit briefly

A little later a Peregrine dashed over, reminding me of the displaying pair I enjoyed watching along the cliffs on Sunday morning. And yes, it was also too fast for my camera skills, but I did clock this Buzzard heading determinedly inland - had it just crossed the channel? Probably not

If it had, it could have admired these linear clouds, it looked like the sky had been ploughed

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