Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sussex Lunch

A lovely early spring day, and a fine forecast, what better than a trip over to East Sussex. First we met my Aunt and we all went to Brownbread Street, where this modest and understated pub can be found
Don't look much at first sight, does it?

But before going in, enjoy the fine view from the carpark

Inside it's an unexpected gem

and the specials board is always worth a read

then there's the main menu board as well

Of course, an open wood fire for when it's cold

A lovely homely atmosphere

and completely unspoilt - just as it's been for years

and the grub, well! Liver and Bacon anyone?

or Steak and Ale Pie?

how about Moules Frites? (and a small Harvey's, as I was driving)

the wall light amused my weird sense of humour

and then back to Catsfield to the farm shop, where Téte à Téte daffodils were on sale, pity the French can't spell them correctly
mind you, they do seem to be a little behind the times today the 7th March

never mind, there was a female Pied Wagtail running round the yard

then Mr turned up and started strutting his stuff

then this fella came and queued up at the animal feed store

we think he's waiting for afternoon tea to be served

and then to Crowhurst churchyard to see the family graves, and enjoy the Celandines

and the Wallflowers quite properly growing in the wall

there's a nice new seat courtesy of the Tree Surgeons who've just cut down some old trees in the corner of the graveyard

There was a chance to admire the superb new Kitchen extension looking smashing in the sun

and these spring Primroses

and Snowdrops too - isn't it a good year for them?

and finally, when we got home and I took the dog for a short walk as a reward for being bored in the car all day, this superb sunset to enjoy

'evenin' all

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