Friday, 25 February 2011


I dug out, cleaned and set my moth trap last night, encouraged by a milder night than of late, and not only was I not disappointed, but also a little suprised. This morning there were 2 Hebrew Character moths tucked away in the egg boxes, and very different each one was. Until I found them and looked-up their details in my book, I was unaware they could be active so early in the year. Both were in pristine condition 

Also present were these two March Moths - what makes these two interesting is that the one in this pic was well-worn, the second almost pristine. This suggests the first has been around for a while - cast your mind back over the weather for the past few days, and marvel at its survival

And finally, in the pond this morning, the first frogspawn of the year, but I didn't think you would appreciate a photo!!

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