Monday, 28 May 2012

New Moths, old Moths and a complete suprise

A selection of pretty moths from the trap in my garden over the last few warmer days includes this new species for me, a Silver Ground Carpet - at least, that's what I reckon - lovely delicate and subtly marked creature

Another new one, and a little beauty too, a Swallow Prominent. Altho' I can't now find it on his blog, I'm sure Phil caught one of these recently

Rather more prosaic, but nonetheless attractive, several Common Swifts, like this one, have come to my trap this weekend

A good example of colour variation in a species, try these 2 Treble LINES (dolt that I am, thanks Tony for the correction)  for comparison

These are always attractive moths, and a delight to admire for their superbly subtle cryptic colouration, this would be invisible on an old weathered piece of oak - it's a Waved Umber, and Phil also caught one recently 

Apart from the originally eccentric Victorian Vicars, who thinks up the names for some of these moths?

And finally, the suprise - I stepped out my door about noon to find this thing soaring and circling over the garden - went into panic mode instantly, Jack Jones the butcher would have been impressed. Dashed in for my trusty bridge camera, eventually got the darned thing to focus more or less so you could also admire this fine Honey Buzzard, an English one this time 


  1. Hi Peter, not Treble Bars, but Treble Lines

    1. Thanks Tony, my one-track mind again!! I'd correctly i.d'd them, just a slip of the keyboard!! That Honey Buzz was a smasher

  2. It's an easy slip of the finger to make. You should see the scribbling out in my note book where I get names wrong!