Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oh no! not more moths? Be patient!

Some moths from the last weekend, during which there has been a total of 47 species in the trap. By the way, Sarah's chickens don't lay them in the egg boxes for me, they find their own way in somehow
After that pathetic attempt at being funny, enjoy this new species for me, a Cloaked

 This is a Clay,showing almost no white in the marks on it's forewings - thanks to John at SBBO for the advice

The forrowing moth is a Chinese Chalactewr, a smarl but attlactive moth, looks velly much rike a bird dlopping 

This is a super little moth, which would be invisible on a lichen covered graveyard headstone, or old treestump, a Marbled Green - even the name is accurately descriptive for a change (except this one was a bit grey)

A Yellow Shell and a Flame Shoulder. The latter always amuses Philip as he reckons it looks as though it's jet-pack is on full power

This is a Square Spot Rustic, descriptive maybe but nowhere near as much fun as some other names 

This is a rather bland Sycamore, I think, and another difficult to see creature on the right background

'evening all, or should it be mornin', from this Copper Underwing arongside a Blown China Mark, and I can't lesist lapsing into Chinese again

A favourite of mine, even though it's an Autumn species, is this Grey Dagger, a beautifully understated moth

We're back on this yellow underwing nonsense again, these two both being Least Yellow Underwing, one decidedly more clapped out than the other, I know how it feels

Last moth (hoolay) is what I believe to be a Nutmeg, if so another first for this garden

And now for something different and altogether nicer, Neve came to visit, and I couldn't believe my luck when I sat down with the camera as she was amusing her Grandma, and saw how the light from the window would make a lovely photo, a real Miss Pears if ever there was one

Friday saw me at Cottington with Philip and Mathew, look what Philip caught

being Philip and related to me he couldn't resist mucking about when the photos were being done!

Looks like it's going to be a good moth night tonight (Tuesday) - we'll see

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