Friday, 7 September 2012

uploading pictures a pain

Hooray, at last, after several days I am able to upload pictures again, dunno why there was a prob
Anyway I almost forgot why I got these pics ready
First of all, watch this space, these bits of timber I have rescued for recycling will one day be a rocking horse for Neve, unlikely thought isn't it?

 some progress so far with the head, best part is using my collection of vintage woodworking tools on the project - the brace and tin of bitts was my grandfathers 

precious possesions as you may imagine
This is only the second Painted Lady I seen this year, and the first for our garden, it's recently emerged and in good condition, wonder if it will make it back to Morocco?

Now here's something to ponder - Setacious Hebrew Character (stupid name, why not Bristly Letter?)is a species of moth which is usually around in the late summer, as many as a few tens each night in the trap, most was 141 in Aug 2008

 this year there are unprecdented numbers, crammed into the eggboxes - my theory is that the cool and wet encouraged the larva and there have been too few little birds to eat them up! There were 243 in Wednesday nights catch

 I was around the South Foreland Valley and cliffs Tuesday morning ( I said I hadnt been able to upload pics for ages) and there was this dramatic sunshine pic to make, complete with Swallows

also around was this Spotted Flycatcher
 and the Saga Ruby
 I also found this Whinchat
 hanging out with this Wheatear
Shortly afterwards I found a small bird in the edge of the Linseed, it dashed up and low over the seed heads like a Dunnock and down into the first tramline. I stepped over into the same tramline and there it was, a pipit, no eyestripe, no streaking on the chest and neck, just plain creamy white with a tiny  flush of pinky red, only in view for about 15 toc 20 seconds but by my reckoning a Tawny Pipit, what a star sighting!
More mundane but nevertheless interesting was this first for my trap here, a Bordered Gothic,(which is wrong, it is indeed a Feathered Gothic, and not new!!) not really rare etc but as a first for me, beautifully spectacular. Its still a beautiful moth tho'

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  1. Pete, That's a Feathered Gothic, I've caught as few this week. Max Setaceous Hebrew Characters 289, far too many!