Sunday, 20 January 2013


Had you noticed it's been snowing?
What a pretty sight on the first morning as "emergency" bird feeding commenced

Next morning, how lovely it's still snowy, maybe a little more, so the hill immediately gets bunged up, this horsebox waited a couple hours before the salt worked and a big tractor could be found to drag it up to the top
Today the left-overs and scrapings from dinner were put out down the garden, and the Magpies, who had been content to pose in the sycamore in the sun,
were, as usual first down to feed
Soon an almighty squabble broke out, these two in particular squaring up to each other for several minutes
Then the gulls descended en masse and cleared the squabblers away
what a scrummage - black-heads and common gulls together - see the magpie heading for the hills? 
teh food scraps were all gone in seconds, they are clearly now very hungry, hope the thaw starts tomorrow, it don't take long to get fed up with the stuff

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