Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spain part Dos - that Griffon moment

That single Griffon Vulture soon became three, drifting out from the big hills to my North

The another, still Griffons

In a very short time, as if by magic, there were more up there, including, at the top of the picture, an Egyptian Vulture


then the whole baker's dozen just spiralled up and up, and disappeared, just like that, a very spectacular sight and a good start to the holiday - 'specially after my doltish beginning yesterday
After that it was very much down to earth again, literally, to admire these beautiful little Narcissus, they are about 4" tall

The walk back into the village was in pleasant sunshine, these are typical views of this tiny, charming  hamlet

I collected my packed lunch (excellent) from Ester at Boletas and made my way to Riglos for the great Wallcreeper odyssey - getting nearer, the spectacular sandstone pillars began to appear
episode 3 in a day or two - will I witness a wallcreeper, and what else?.......

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