Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Moths and a Tornado

A selection of moths from an interesting couple of weeks, first up being this Scorched Carpet, not a common moth for my garden, and I'm not sure why it is so called, but it would make an interesting insurance claim

More prosaic is this Common Carpet, a species which has been a little more numerous this year. I like the "face" on the rear of it's abdomen

I haven't the faintest clue what this is, presumably it's a micro moth of some sort
No it's not, you dunderhead, it's a Yellow Shell - thanks Phil

This is an unusually pale Small Emerald

which shared the trap one morning with these two micro-moths, also unidentified

No such problem with this Small Blood-vein though, what a lovely moth

better still it shared it's bit of egg box with this Vestal, a first for this garden, and a little beauty

They all obligingly posed for a group photo

Black Rustics have been uncommon as well this year, but Large Yellow Underwings have been present in hundreds

and finally I caught sight of this mini-tornado a couple weeks ago, it was only visible for a few minutes, with no time to do "storm chaser" impressions

I contacted Phil Smith who was out on the cliffs, and who was hoping it would become a waterspout which it apparently did not. I've been watching his blog for pics but none so far - did you get any, mate?

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