Sunday, 22 August 2010

Swallows in the rain

Today Phil Green was to come down for a morning's birding - the forecast was 'orrible so we called it off. I woke about 6, no rain, a bit foggy, so I went out anyway to find absolutely nothing except Magpies and Woodpigeons in the murk. About 9 there was heavy rain, coincident with Phil texting to say what a lovely morning  it was in Tonbridge!
A bit later the young Swallows from the garage here decided to make their first flights, perching as they usually do on the net frame which keeps cats out of the garage, enabling these photos. There are 4 in this second brood - the first was also of 4, but one appears not to have survived

A little later this Sparrowhawk must have heard or seen the commotion and came looking for an easy meal of fresh young Swallow. It wasn't successful 'cos I went out and shoo'ed it away, after Nancy had taken these pics through the kitchen window - don't think I've ever seen such a scruffy bedraggled specimen!


  1. dont see many sparrowhawks at my house, just sparrows and starlings as a rule with the occasional others

  2. p s
    its chucking down with rain now, been nice all day though