Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Channel Island cat!

I put my moth trap out last night, the first time for several nights on account of the wind and rain. This morning there were 47 moths of 11 species in among the egg boxes, including a delightful little Purple Bar which I regrettably didnt phoyograph, sorry - you can find a pic by asking Google images to look for one -there's one on western-isles-wildlife.co.uk website. Even better, at lunchtime this fine Jersey Tiger appeared on the windowcill outside; interestingly Tony Morris found one on 11 August, and there were 2 in the garden here last August, so it seems safe to believe they may now be breeding not very far away

At about 3 cm long, its a spectacular beast, which Waring and Townsend in 2004 reckoned to have become established near Rye

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