Monday, 6 September 2010

Last weekend

On Saturday there appeared over my garden 3 Honey Buzzards, all very light coloured so that I wondered at first if they were Ospreys. I was too absorbed to rush in and get my camera, so you'll have to make do with this image of a similarly light bird photo'd while doing BTO atlas survey work near Sutton downs

Here's another light one photo'd in Burgaundy last autumn

Also overhead on Saturday were Common Buzzard, Marsh Harrier, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Peregrine, super day!

Earlier we had spent some time at the village hall putting our entries in to the St Margaret's Gardener's Association autumn show, including a photo entry in the class " a photo - St Margaret's in autumn" I spent some time at Wanstone waiting for these pics of the combine working hard to get the last wheat in

In the event we didnt enter these in the class as we felt they were pictures of harvest at St M's, not so much autumn, a good decision 'cos the one we did enter got a prize!

Sunday was a full and interesting day which started at 6.30 round the bushes at St Margaret's, in the South Foreland Valley, where mist nets were set up to catch migrant birds for ringing and release. Having found a lovley little Common Redstart female to watch feeding around a Holly bush, there were these birds to admire while "in the hand" to receive their BTO rings:-

This Great Spotted Woodpecker was a noisy sod, this year's young, presumably from around here somewhere

This Wren was an unusual catch, too, lovely little birds close up. In reality the nets were quiet Sunday morning, it being reckoned that clear skies and north winds had encouraged lots of birds to clear off South.
Later on Sunday, thanks to Phil Smith, I got wind of a steam train visit to Dover in the afternoon, so took my grandson to the Priory station for a look - it was sponsored by Shepherd Neame, superb local brewers (I recommend their "Goldings" ale). So here's a "Black 5" on the front with a "Tractor" on the back (thats an English Electric class 37/9 to you) - there is a clip of the train thrashing up through Martin Mill at -

Later the train came round through Martin Mill, and me and Matthew video'd its passing, it is viewable on youtube at

For SirLamiel steaming poorly, and Tornado going like - well, a Tornado see also and

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  1. Blimey, have never got that close to birds before, stunning, the wren is a gorgeous bird, probably one of my favourites just behind the long tailed tits which are my favourites!
    Hope to see you soon