Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Nets and rails

Out at Sparrow's Fart last Sunday, found the mist nets up and plenty birds to see, the best part of an hundred ringed while I was there - mostly Blackcap and Whitethroat, with Reed Warbler, Garden Warbler, Wren, various tits, a Robin or two, and latterly some Swallows in response to a tape playing their song

This juvenile female Green Woodpecker was a spectacular bird

Lesser Whitethroat, longer winged than it's cousin, and beautiful plumage

A Yellowhammer too, at least 2 pairs bred hereabouts to my knowledge - see the unique bill shape

This Longtailed Tit was trapped as a singleton, as also were three more - unusually as they normally fall into the nets in groups

Now then, how to tell juvenile and adult Common Whitethroat apart, according to their eye colour - the adult on the right has a really bright orange iris, the youngster on the left has only a dull iris, so there you are, we are now experts, you and me!!

And the Garden Warbler, aka Sylvia Boring!! (it's latin monniker is Sylvia borin, dunno why). Notice too that the ringer also has a ring, presumably with a number so his missus can keep track of his movements!!

So it was time for me to come away, in time to miss a Tree Pipit which was successfully ringed, where will that turn up I wonder. Phil Smith came by to see what was being trapped, stayed a bit longer, and got some better pics than me, see Kearsney Birder, and while you are looking, think of me when he took the "We're doomed" photo of the storm, I was out in that lot!

Back home Sunday and a few minutes to play trains in my shed, as it was Sunday I closed the station and did some essential engineering works - just like the real thing - completing the installation of SR style 3rd rail to justify running the old ex-Tri-ang Southern Railway electric train (complete with up to date Black Beetle motor bogie, DCC chip and headcode illumination). As you can see the 3rd rail looks much too shiny and new and I shall shortly paint it grotty

and a bit of essential maintenance on the Westinghouse pump on the emergency shuttle while the works were in progress - and Yes, there is lots of work to do on scenery and backscenes, I just need a bit of time!

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  1. lovely blog today Peter, stunning close ups of the variuos netted birds. Have a great day in France tomorrow and speak soon.