Sunday, 26 September 2010

Winter migrant

Was working in the garden before it rained, became aware of an unusual call which I knew I knew, if you see (or hear) what I mean. Then the penny dropped, Brambling.

There were 2, and I had superb view of a winter male, but unable to get my camera before it was gone, so here's a pic of one from 2 years ago, also in the garden but after the leaves had fallen

Also in the garden, or through it, were a few Swallows, a couple of Chiffchaff, and newly arrived Robins ticking away. Last Sunday there were hundreds of Chiffchaff, Mark trapped over 50, and among them was a 3M Blackcap with a Belgian ring - that means a bird hatched this year, but whether it hatched in Belgium, or was trapped and ringed there earlier in it's migration we may find out when the details are known

1 comment:

  1. never seen a Brambling, lovely looking bird.
    Mandy and I are off to North Cambs for a week and Suffolk for two days from next saturday am so may see a few species there. I know there is barn owls at the farm we are staying at.