Friday, 1 October 2010

East Kent Ploughing Match

Last Wednesday was the annual East Kent Ploughing Match, which we were not able to support as much as usual this year. Nevertheless I spent an hour there with Mathew until he became bored, and we  enjoyed a Solley's Ice-cream (made with milk from his Dad's cows incidentally), and made these pictures, starting with this general view - not a good weather day unfortunately

The demonstration steam ploughing as usual earned lots of interest - super machines

I love the steam effects, too

Then there's the vintage section - the tractor not the driver!! For more vintage tractors, have a look at,%20Ickham.htm

This old David Brown was being driven by a Sheila!! Strewth, what next - and the furrows were dead straight, too, of course!!

And there was plenty of modern super-power, too

Do you like the old and new angle - arty, eh!

Horse ploughing was a big attraction, too, super super animals, lovely to watch

More than anything else, though, it is a wonderful place to people-watch - one of my favourite pass-times

And it's also a chance for children to get close to farming, to my mind one of the most important aspects of the show, which is always well attended by local schools

I also like the day because it is unashamedly a place for the agricultural community to get together, to do some business , and have a good old gossip, with no frills or fashionable "country" posing.


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