Saturday, 16 October 2010

Flying things

Being a birder I suppose its natural to look for anything flying around, and trapping moths also leads to other interesting things. Anyway, we been  rather busy and pre-occupied this last 2 weeks, hence the paucity of blog entries, so this is by way of an update
First, there was this mystery moth, rather attractive and not unlike the white-ish mark of a Silver Y. I emailed a picture to Tony Morris to ask for his help, but I must have mis-addressed the email as he didn't reply. A few days later there were 2 of them in the trap, and being better marked individuals I was able to identify them as Green Brindled Crescent, confirmed the same day by Phil Smith. Imagine my amusement when I read Tony's blog to see he had also had ident problems with this species on 11th October!!!

Also in my moth trap has been this shield bug, I believe it's a Hawthorn Shield Bug - scary, isn't it

On the subject of scary insects, this Assassin Bug was on the conservatory window on Thursday

Have had a clean up in the garage now the Swallows have gone, it was a wet day which kept me indoors for this task, so the light was poor, but their poo was carefully shovelled up and deposited on the compost heap!! After their 1st brood (4 young), the male was clearly visiting the nest frequently but no sign of the female on it, until  after the second brood had hatched - (4 young); in fact, when we peeped in to see how many, we discovered they had built a second nest of their own, on a ledge and a very sparse affair too

This is the original artificial nest which first attracted the swallows some 8 years ago

Thanks to Chris and Gavin Oakley at Wallet's Court, we had another superb flying display by this Spitfire today, grandstand view, what a magnificent airplane!!

At the top of a victory roll, this juvenile Gull came into the frame!

Maybe this picture should be this way up!!


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  1. some nice shots of the creepie crawlies peter, hope to get down soon, off to see your brother sunday afternoon.