Friday, 3 December 2010


You may have noticed or heard about some cold weather and snow!! After a lengthy period when I was too busy, or injured, to blog, it was nice to walk out this afternoon and take some arty-crafty photos of the unexpected cold and snow - David Bailey? Who's he??
As you can see my cuts are healed enough for me to work a camera but the 2 fingers involved react very painfully to the cold, so I was glad to be home in the warm later. My brother-in-law Michael is safely moved to Capel. If Nancy needs to visit him it's now only 19 miles instead of 92 for the round trip. Oh, and the decorating in the livingroom is finished. When it warms up I shall be able to finish painting the bookcases presently bunging up the shed and move them back indoors, but not until the new carpet is laid. Arrghh!! I have such a pain in my wallet!
Enjoy the pics, and ignore the dates, the battery went flat in my camera and I didn't re-do the date thingy before rushing out into the cold!!

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