Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Cards!!

Having been, like Phil Smith, stuck indoors a bit, there was no real way of getting out of doing Xmas cards, which often have Waxwings on them as a suitably Xmassy bird to make a change from Robins. Imagine my pleasure to hear from the said Phil that there was a group in Prospect Road at Hythe, so off I went just as the sky cleared, and there they were, just down the road from No 13 where there were problems many years ago with squatter hippies!!
Super group of lovely birds, beautiful aren't they?

Hope this antenna is strong!

What a pleasure to see, and those yellow and red splashes on the wings, super!
Whatever you think of these pics, do have a look at Steve Ray's pic of a drinking Waxwing on the Sandwich Bay website, its brilliant! - look at Ian's posting for the 6th at

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  1. cor you jammy bugger! only ever seen them in photos, hope your keeping well?