Tuesday, 24 May 2011

La Brenne part 2, a mystery, and an unwanted intruder

First, the mystery - this thing was lurking in some grasses in a super rough meadow, I thought it was a moth, possibly a Small Phoenix, but it isn't - any ideas??

Now for the unwanted intruder - apologies for this pic again, but notice the white water lily growth beyond the fringe of reeds here, the Whiskered Terns nest on the lily pads hereabouts, so they are an important plant for this reason as well as many others

We were in the brand spanking new hide at the Etang Purais - Phil was busy with his camera and I was just taking it all in when an agitated Black Headed Gull caught my attention - it was mobbing something in the  water coming towards the hide - up with the bins - it was a Coypu, dreaded eater of Lily pads and very unwelcome because of that, according to posters in the reserve visitor centre at La Cherine - and then up with the the camera for these shots

Clearly the gull doesn't think much of Coypu either, although it sat and watched it after trying to shoo it away - the Coypu just paddled on completely unfazed

By way of a change, a couple shots of the mill and church tower in Preuilly sur Claise whence we went 2 evenings for our dinner, pausing en route on Wednesday evening to find the Stone Curlew pictured on Phil's blog

And finally for part 2, a shot of the bar in the village square at Azay le Ferron where we took ale before dinner each evening in the warm sun with Swifts screaming, and House Martins farting (according to Simon Barnes - that's how he hears their calls!) Dunno who the oik under the cascading rose is!

Next, in part 3, insects and the mating dance of White Admirals to admire


  1. Bonjour

    L'intru : Euclidia mi

    1. Bonsoir
      Desole pour le delai, j'ai juste trouve votre remarque sur mon "blog" - Forewood - au sujet du papillon de nuit ce que j'ai vu a la Brenne. Je n'ai jamais vu cet espece Euclidia. On l'appele en Anglais "Mother Shipton", une sorciere du 16me siecle avec un nez accroche, suivant le marquage sur les ailles de cet papillon!
      Merci pour votre info, et desole encore pour mes remerciements tardive
      Saluations cordiale
      Peter Wells