Thursday, 26 May 2011

La Brenne - part 3

This is a pristine southern form of White Admiral, which were common everywhere we went - superb butterflies - at one site I came across a pair engaged in their mating dance, in which they were so preoccupied that I was able to get the camera close without disturbing them, although they were moving and flapping so fast not many of the shots were sharp

As he flapped his wings, the male was catching the sunlight so that his wings "flashed" blue and black several times a second, a stunning sight - no wonder the female was impressed!

Another beautiful butterfly around in high numbers was the Black Veined White, I' m sorry to say after day 1 we started to take them for granted

We also found several Fritillaries, Phil's pics do them justice, but I got this photo of a Spotted Fritillary

Dragonflies were also very numerous, and I am looking forwaqrd very much to hearing what Ian Hodgson makes of them all when he visits La Brenne soon, he doesn't know what a treat he's in for!
This example was still unfolding it's wings when I took this shot
I regret I can't tell you what it is, maybe someone can help me out please
Here's a couple more

And finally a photo which sums up the birdwatching potential of the area

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