Saturday, 4 June 2011

More moths

Now the weather is warming up a few more moths come to the trap, especially last night when it was not only warm (relatively) and still (relatively) but also cloudy - what a differnce (well it would be if this keyboard could spell) that made - 39 moths of 12 species good for my little garden and  humble trap at this time of the year

First up from Friday night was this immaculate Silver Y - they are not supposed to overwinter in the UK and with last winter's cold it is even more unlikely, although I can't believe it would arrive across the channel from "somewhere in Europe" in such good condition. However also in the trap, leaving before I could photograph it, was a Pale Mottled Willow, also said to be a migrant

Heart and Club made its first appearance of the year during Friday night too

So too did this little (and I mean little - its about the size of my thumbnail) Barred Yellow, most definitely a UK moth, and waht a beauty it is

This morning, among the 39 were 4 Dark Arches, which vary in colour, this one being unusually bright

Also in the trap was this Grey Dagger, very subtle and at first difficult to see in the egg-box I use in the trap to harbour the moths I catch

And finally, very spectacular, was this Elephant Hawkmoth, which is just as Chinery says in the Collins Insects Field Guide, a beautiful insect and not at all rare.

This one was very docile and allowed itself to be carefully and gently placed on my grand-daughters friends chest for a few moments as a living badge before being carefully released into some shrubs out of harm's way
Trap going out again tonight, wonder what will be in it tomorrow
And finally, in the pond today was this discarded Dragonfly nymph case - the blobs on the blue line each represent one inche

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