Friday, 29 July 2011

Swallows Moths and Butterflies - and a Quail

First up in this mixed bag are some pics of young Swallows outside Richards livingroom window, first, 2 of the young - must have recently fledged nearby

The Mum (I think) settled on the windowcill for a few moments, superb pic

Then there was a clean-up session on the wires for the young - all taken by Richard

Recent occupants of the moth trap in my garden, first this
Buff Arches, super little moth

A rathter splendidly well marked Dark Arches - on lichen or an old tree trunk you'd never see it

The first Dun Bar of the summer, unusually light in colour for my garden

and finally this lovely little Dusky Sallow

Did my butterfly count today for the wider countryside survey - see
for more info. The requirement is for one count in July and another in August with the option to do more. A fine sunny day is required, and to my dismay I put it off until after our holiday as the medium term forecast was good for when we got back - doh!! This last week especially been awful, and I have had some false starts but today there were a few glimmers of sun to get these and others on the wing


Red Admiral

Essex Skipper - note the black tips to its antenna

Super super pristine Brown Argus, my camera dont do it justice
Wall Brown
 While plodding round transect 8 in no sun, there came from the wheat an electrifying sound, a Quail calling, supposed to be "wet my lips" -twaddle - it's unlike anything except a Quail calling!! No suprise I couldn't get to see it. tho' a few years ago one flew out from in front of the Combine at Wanstone while I was having a ride in the cab - even so a brief view but at least I have seen one!
When I've done the paperwork and got a count will bung it on here

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