Monday, 10 October 2011

Wot - no pictures - oh, all right then

Went out Saturday morning for a look-see what's about, immediately upon setting out from the car all the woodpigeons on the stubble lifted off, accompanied by some corvids, 3 of which started to give a larger bird of prey a dusting. As I watched it became clear the bop was a ringtail Hen Harrier and 2 of the corvide were Ravens, a spectacular sight
In the valley I found John Clements attending to his nets, and remembered as he put a ring on a very noisy Great Spotted Woodpecker that I had forgotten to take my camera
As he worked and I watched a Firecrest came by, skilfully avoiding his nets, a beautiful little bird, followed shortly afterwards by a Merlin over the sycamore wood chasing House Martins at high speed. Then there was one of my favourite autumn sights, Swallows and Redwings in the air together. And as I returned to my car there were 3 Wheatear and a flock of some 50 or so Skylarks on the stubble to enjoy - a good couple of hours I reckon

Couldn't blog without any pics after all, so here's a reminder of why the birds fly south, and of what's to come again, apparently due to extra ultra-violent light!!

PS - if anyone knows how to set the clock on this blog business I'd be pleased to know, I uploaded it at 20.42 and it says I did so at 12.42!!


  1. That was a good couple of hours! I did set my clock but can't remember exactly how I got there!! If I find it again I'll let you know.

  2. go Design, settings, Format and then choose your Time Zone.