Sunday, 16 October 2011

weekend round-up

First of all the full moon this week came up big and bold, the Hunter's Moon I'm told, whatever, it reduced the numbers of moths in flight for a few nights!

On Wednesday we went into darkest Sussex, and enjoyed a walk through the Forewood, during which we saw few birds, but the beginning of autumn colour was good, and it was a beautiful day, a pleasure just to be out

Some colour too at Wanstone, lots amd lots of winter thrush food

And so, right on cue, the fitst Fieldfares were coming in on Friday morning

This morning it seemed as though the world was about to end, rather than day break!
  Enjoyed some dramatic cloud photos

And a single late Wheatear above Fan Bay

  A nice balloon flight for someone, and an advert for Shepherd Neame

And finally, this chap has been posing on our chimney top for several days now, my goodness he certainly thinks he is the bee's rollerskates - come and get me, girls!!

No apology for these pics, he's a handsome chap isn't he - if Starlings were rare we'd travel a long way to see one, and it reminds us in a delightful way not to take common birds for granted

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