Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Apparently there is a problem with my internet connection because I haven't been able to upload a blog entry from either of my computerS (show-off). This is another attempt, so hold on to your hat
There was a day trip to France at the beginning of November which got off to a superbly exciting start when 2 Little Auks flew across the bows of the ferry when just a couple miles out from Dover - just imagine any 2 from this pic I pinched from somewhere, and that's exactly what they looked like

Then there was a superb lunch at the Auberge de la Gare at Les Attaques just a little way out of Calais, absolutely smashing food, service and company, and not far away from my favourite little wildlife reserve there

Then there was shopping, but you won't want to know about that!

Then there was a walk on the cliffs at first light one day, the sun refracting from dew on the rape plants producing this rather lovely halo effect

About the only birds of note were these two - presumably - juvenile Peregrines swooping about and generally having fun - they seemed relatively brown

And finally, to test the upload, there was this "kiss" experience near the cliff edge, at least, I think there were 9 Magpies, see what you can see

Well, blow me it seems to have worked, I shall now hit "publish" and be damned (suprised, or annoyed!)

Blimey, it did, well well

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