Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Steam train fun

There were 2 steam train excursions round here on Armistice Day, the first hauled by "Tornado" we watched cruise through Shepherdswell (I have yet to upload a video clip onto youtube), and then this one hauled by preserved Bullied pacific "Tangmere". We went to Martin Mill to see it come by, but Sarah phoned to say that she could hear it and see lots of smoke and steam over Ringwould way (this was from Winklands!).We made our way down, parked on the double bend (off the road I hasten to add), and walked down the path which we know as Hangman's Lane to the railway, and there it was, slipping spectacularly to a standstill right on the crossing

 Some of "the chaps" then got down and hand sanded the rails for about 250 metres up the slope to a point clear of the trees, leaves and dankness

Then it was a very gentle start, she began to grip and slowly accelerated away, by now over an hour late, and an excellent demonstration of driving skill (ignoring how they stalled in the first place!)

Ironically, while we were waiting at Martin Mill, the sandite rail cleaning unit came by on the down line!!
 There is a video clip of the affair here, the re-start is at about 4 mins into the clip and she finally begins to get hold of the train at 5 mins - such fun!!

Good grief, this one uploaded too!

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