Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I have put the moth trap away now, and spent a couple of evenings getting the records into order and up to date. Numbers both of species and moths overall were down this year. This wasn't suprising considering the 'orrible weather, but I trapped 137 species in my garden, and found 2 specimens of one other species at a property in Caple-le Ferne - the Large Thorn - a new species for me, and one of 14 new species
 The "new" species were these

 Barred Tooth Striped


Centre Barred Sallow 


and I make no apology for showing this spectacular and beautiful Striped Hawkmotth again
The other new ones are these, which for some reason I didn't photograph - too dark and miserable I suspect!  

Bee Moth
Purple Thorn
Canary Shouldered Thorn - I've seen these beautiful little moths often at Sandwich Bay
Least Carpet
Twin Spotted Wainscot
Dark Swordgrass
Large Thorn
and also one of those Horse Chestnut leaf-miners which are causing so much damage to our Horse Chestnut trees

Prevoius years totals are
2008 - 141 species, all new 'cos that's when I got my trap
2009 - 165, of which 50 were "new"
2010 - 147, of which 20 were "new"

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