Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Es komme die Frühling (I think - see bottom of page)

We went to Denge Wood this morning, hoping the cloud would thin a bit, but it didn't - as I type this at 8pm, having set up my moth trap in expectation of a mild cloudy night, the sky has cleared - doh! Since trapping those 2 moths last week I have run the trap 4 times without any catch, fingers crossed for tonight
There weren't any moths "tomorrow" morning, and I forgot to mention the Stoat I caught a glimpse of in the wood

There were signs of Spring, like this Orchid rosette - early Purple, perhaps?

These Cuckoo Pint must have heard the BTO tagged Cuckoos are already heading North from Nigeria

 Bluebells too are on the move

I thought we were lucky to find these early Primrose plantlets

until we came across these beauties


Then, this group of six standing about 3cm off the soil - Coltsfoot?

Great cascades of Dormouse food would have looked super in the sun

 Pussy Willow too

 These spectacular bracket fungi caught our eye

 So did this drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker

 We were also intrigued by this cankerous growth, about twice the size of a football

 Maybe the catkins are better seen from a distance like this

Even the Yews were in flower
Thanks for the correction, Steve, this is a "gall"

The Dogwood looked good in the gloom


On the way out of the wood, about 8 Yellowhammers in a flock, so I took these difficult "identify the species" photos to disguise the fact I'm a lousy photographer

and finally, later in the afternoon, Nancy disturbed this mothlet while tidying up in the garden, any ideas anyone?

The title is supposed to say Spring is coming

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  1. Yes, it's good to see all of these signs of spring (persoannly I reckon that if daffs are flowering by St david's Day, then all's well with the world and spring is here.

    I agree with the Coltsfoot, but another SBBO regular would point out that the yew "flowers" are in fact galls - although the separated male and female yew flowers are indeed on show now.