Monday, 12 March 2012

Moths and other spring things

At last moths are coming to my trap, starting with this Early Grey

 The first Dotted Border

and this lovely pristine Common Quaker

This Beetle made young Mathew jump when he lifted the eggbox out with it in!!

This Clouded Drab was a beauty, too, and so very purple with that fine red line, handsome

This one was a bit darker 

Best moth this morning was this Oak Beauty

Sadly the cold spell has killed dragonfly nymphs in the pond, there were 3 dead ones yesterday

There are more frogs in the pond now than in all of Calais! 

Theystarted spawning yesterday

This bloke has been showing off again, he does a superb bicycle bell impression

The Junipers in the garden are producing literally clouds of pollen too

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