Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mostly moths, and a Wylde Swan

A picnic in Kings Wood at Challock was quiet apart from a superb White Admiral, which declined to perch long enough to be photographed, and this day flying moth which I had to wait 'til I got home to identify - an Ear Moth - presume the name relates to those lug'ole shaped markings on its wings

This Blackneck appeared in the trap here on 22 July, previously the only record is from 21 July last year, now thats what I call regular

This morning was a good moth morning, first out was this Privet Hawkmoth

There were two Elephants to admire as well

and two Dot Moths, this being the best specimen, the second was rather worn and shabby, like me

A suprise was this Copper Underwing, I dont get many of these, thought it was an Old Lady at first. Also note the essential aid to moth identification alongside!

Another unusual moth for me - this Pebble Prominent - at rest

and about to exit left, as they say, while I was closely admiring it

And last and most spectacular was this Jersey Tiger, but whether it's an immigrant or one from the alleged colony over Rye way I can't say, but what a smasher

and finally, the Wylde Swan en route via the inshore channel yesterday morning from Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012 round to the Thames for the Olympics - presumably as a hospitality venue - see http://wyldeswan.com/ship/index.html

Thats it for now, more moths tomorrow morning I hope

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