Monday, 2 July 2012

Recent Moths

Recently the moths in my trap have turned up some interesting specimens, starting with this lovely Poplar Hawkmoth. A species I have been privileged to see before, I reckon it's worth 3 pictures in here

I made this one a Clouded Brindle, a new species for me

And this one has a girl's name - July Highflyer!!

Perhaps more spectacular than the Hawkmoth was this Drinker - Waring and Townsend don't say why it is so named, anyone know?

Having mis-identified a Lychnis earlier, here's another variant of this species

and finally the real puzzle - what's this thing? I have concluded it's a very dark Common Wainscot. W & T say that 2nd generation ones may be darker, but its a bit early for that. Spectacular, and sinister isn't it?

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