Sunday, 24 June 2012

The biter bit

I didn't know Philip had taken this photo, the rascal. For those who feel that angling is cruel and causes uneccessary suffering, enjoy this at my expense

Philip and I went fishing last Tuesday, enjoying the warm sunshine and perfect day. Using a barbless hook this Carp was landed, with the fishook inside its mouth but somehow the shank was towards its throat. Dont ask me how it did it, but as I slid my finger in to try to release the hook, the fish flapped and my finger became firmly embedded on the hook.  I couldnt pull my finger out without harming the fish, so I had to use a disgorger to keep the hook in place and tear my finger free, after which the fish spat the hook out all by itself and was put back in the water leaving me with a bleeding finger!!

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