Monday, 11 June 2012

Cheriton Hill - mostly

First of all I struggled up to the far end of the cliffs to look at the sea, Friday. There was too much salt and spray in the wind for any spectacular photos and the gale made keeping the camera steady almost impossible. This pic gives some idea of the view, you just have to imagine the wind!

On Sunday morning in much less wind we walked along the crest of Cheriton Hill to Peene
and back along the foot through the "New" Biggins Wood. A few Common Blue butterflies about 
 A suprise in the grass above the Hills Reservoir was this Common Blue Damselfly, a really intense and beautiful blue, must have only recently emerged


We also found 2 small colonies of Late Spider Orchids

and a funnel web spider's front door

almost the commonest bird along the hill was Yellowhammer, smashing

continuing the yellow theme, there were also several Yellow Shell moths in flight

and would someone please remind me of the name of these beautiful little yellow flowers, there were carpets of them

if this was smellyblog you dcould enjoy the scent of this Fragrant Orchid

only a few Common Spotted Orchids found, mostly at the foot of the scarp

back at home later yesterday we found this dragonfly larval case beside the pond, and another among the lilies, so at least 2 have emerged recently, tho' I haven't seen them yet

also this abandoned Wasp starter home, both to show the grandchildren when they called

this first Elephant Hawkmoth was also saved from the trap to show them, always a favourite

this morning there was this Dark Arches, a first for the year

and these 2 very different Common Swifts

and that's all folks

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