Sunday, 24 June 2012

Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs!

Yesterday evening, against my take on the weather forecast, and as a break from the boredom of watching France vs Spain, yawn (dire wasn't it?**)
I set up the old moth trap in the howling gale, ignoring the forecast of more rain (oh goody).
Weighted it down with a brick and sheltered it under a garden table
(** If you're not into moths then this blog could be about as exciting as last night's football) 
Took it in first thing, enjoying the soft summer rain and warmth - before brewing the tea I might add - had a quick look, nothing visible at first
After breakfast and chores, went to dry the trap out. To my immense surprise I found 38 moths of 17 species therein. Even better, in the first egg box there were 11 moths of 5 species, Common Pug, Shoulder Striped Wainscot being new to the "garden list", and Tawny Marbled Minor a new species for this year
The Common Pug declined to be photographed and headed for the door at speed, obviously well brought up!

Here are 3 of those in the first egg box

 This is the Shoulder Striped Wainscot ignoring a Silver Y - presumably they not been introduced

This is the Tawny Marbled Minor, as usual for my garden a dark specimen, also showing signs of wear and tear. Hardly surprising considering the weather

Just to give an impression of it's size, and yes I know my thumbnail's a mess

This may be a Shears, but could be a Lychnis - this specimen is quite well worn whatever it is

Dark Arches, another new one for the year, I shall still be finding these in the trap come the autumn (tomorrow if this weather continues)

This is another small macro moth, a Marbled Minor, which often shows great colour variation here

This almost pristine moth is a Double Square Spot

Maybe tonight's footer could be more exciting, but somehow I doubt it

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