Saturday, 26 April 2014

A mixed week

We went over to Sussex last week, for a meal at our favourite pub - the Ash Tree Inn at Brownbread Street. The view from the carpark shows the Sussex weald at it's best this time of year

Then it was off to Crowhurst to give the family graves a tidy-up, and into the Forewood to enjoy the Bluebells once again, flowering somewhat early this year

When we returned our illustrious neighbour knocked the door bearing a print from one of these 3 photos taken while we were away. They noticed this large bird of prey, and, not knowing what it was, managed these photos for me. The bloody thing is sat on MY CHIMNEY!!!

It's that escaped falconer's Saker cross  which has been around on and off for a few years now - flipping cheek!!
Today another steam excursion, Tangmere doing well through Martin Mill

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