Sunday, 20 April 2014

A very very special day

Today (Easter Sunday) got off to a superb start early on while I was walking the dog in advance of the Christening and super family gathering. First off were the 3 or 4 singing Whitethroats heard while walking down toward Kingsdown. Then, in a belt of new woodland planted some 15 years ago, there was a lovely lovely Nightingale singing away superbly, it brought a tear to my eyes I'm not ashamed to admit
After a hurried breakfast it was round to see Neve and help get ready for her brother Gil's christening - we were all very impressed with the cake beautifully made by Barbara

and with baby Gil in his christening suit

Diane conducted the christening, indeed the whole service, in her usual relaxed, friendly and inclusive style, it was a pleasure to be there, but I regret not being able to move the ewer!

Later, back home here again, look who showed up for the first time this year, more tears from me, and a very moving sight, and boy, judging by the song, he was ever so pleased to be here at last - a bit later than average this year no doubt due to the adverse winds over the last 2 weeks or so

hopefully now we can look forward to more scenes like this through the summer

On the subject of special days there was a trip to the Bluebell Railway for me and Mathew last Monday and the first opportunity to travel over the newly restored line over Imberhorne Viaduct from East Grinstead, brilliant!

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