Saturday, 27 August 2011

Carpet Warehouse, and an immigrant

Ho - hum, more rain, and more moths including these variants on the theme of Carpets

Garden Carpet 

Green Carpet

and a carpet look-alike - Purple Bar

 Yellow Shell next

Small Blood Vein 

One of my favourites, Rosy Rustic - sounds like a Thomas Hardy character! 

Orange Swift 

 and, just for Phil Green, another Flounced Rustic

This next one was in the trap yesterday after the overnight thunderstorm. After much poring over Waring and Townsend, and a quick visit to Tony Morris for confirmation, it is a  Bordered Straw, a migrant

Also in the trap but not photographed as it left without posing, was an interesting moth, unless that is you are a Horse Chestnut tree, for it was a Horse-chestnut Leaf-miner - Cameraria ohridella - these are the blighters which are causing the leaves on the Horse-chestnuts up Whitfield Hill to go prematurely brown, and are causing some concern - see British Wildlife Vol 22 Number 5 June 2011

And finally, it appears there have been Mackerel caught off Deal Pier today, young Philip phoned with the news, if they're still there tomorrow morning we are going to try and catch a few - watch this space

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  1. Cor thanks Peter, I am getting used to that species now ,ate.